Monday, October 20, 2008

He Played Seven October Edition

I know photographers say this all the time...but I REALLY did have a lot of fun last Saturday with the Seven family! They are sweet to the core and we got along great because they find humor in life and it shows in their eyes and ENJOY!!!


Bennett Family said...

okay, so those pics turned out so good. i wasn't doubting your skills or anything. you must have a kick A assistant though.

Amanda said...

Perfect! Really. I wanted to tell you that red for Rhon's background was genius. She looks like a million bucks.

Amanda said...

Oh, and the one of the kids where G is crawling away is so fun. I think it is one of my favorites (although I have like 30 favorites!).

liz said...

these are so great- my fav is the one on the bridge- it totally looks like it shouild be an album cover- everyone is just kicking it. great shots!

Sher said...

Wow! Your photography is amazing.
I'm looking for a photographer for my album cover. I have this really crazy idea, that I don't even know if it will work.
I was hoping that somehow I could get a pic of me at a grand piano, and then somehow photoshop it so it looks like I'm in the middle of a wheat field or something. Wouldn't that be cool? (My album is entitled Solitude)
Anyway, I don't know if photoshop can do stuff like that or not.
So, are you for hire, and up to my tall order?

IAN said...

HEY! I love the pics of your family. It's so nice to have those moments captured in time for viewing at any moment. They were all great. Looks like its time to blow some up and put through-out the house. I miss you guys. Time to come back to Arizona. cheers.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Great job! I image that it was very hard to coordinate a family of that size. You got some great shots :o)

Alyson (New England Living) said...

These are so great! I really, really want you to photograph my family! I'm NOT kidding!!

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