Monday, July 28, 2008

Vacationing in Hawaii-Beach Time

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~Leave it to Lyla~ said...

thanks for your sweet comment! looks like Hawaii was a blast!!!

Lisa said...

Shelle---I love all your photos! I've been SO bad lately at keeping up with was fun to catch up on yours!!!

Alyson said...

Ok, you are just awesome!

Hot Air said...

Haha! I thought the same thing about your comment!! WHat's funny- I only read the first half of yours before I wrote mine, and then I went back and read your whole thing and was like "Duh- I totally just repeated her and didn't put it as eloquently. Pfffftt." Ha!

I love your photos!!!! Holy cow- I had no idea the whole world was a photographer, too, until I started blogging. Beautiful!!!

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